Sunday, January 07, 2007


Kind of a lazy day today. Well, food wise, anyway. I was a little more focused on getting the house clean than on cooking. Not that I was successful at that either. We made Lasagne, Caesar Salad, and Garlic Toast. It was great. Trav made the lasagne, he's not here right now otherwise I would write out what he put in it, but sadly I wasn't paying attention. I was in charge of the salad and I must confess, we used Renee's Caesar salad dressing. I liked it the first time I bought it but ever since then I have never enjoyed it as much. It's too tangy or something. I made my own last time but it was a first go and relatively unsuccessful, that, plus the fact that I was super lazy today both contributed to the jarred dressing. I did, however, make the croutons myself.

Krispy Krunchy Kroutons: Bread, cubed. Salt and pepper to taste, season to taste (I used Oregano today) toss with olive oil, bake until crispy.

Ok. So Trav's recipes are a little more specific. I prefer to throw it all together. Anyhoo, I will have him write out the lasagne for tomorrow. Here's a pic of what's left of the lasagne:

Ok, so it looks bad in the picture but I am a good cook and a bad photographer. Get over it.

PS: Ian Rating: Eleven. Ok, that means nothing. Lets just say the tummy/floor/face percentages were about 85/10/5, just about right for pasta. He even ate some salad. Ok, he sucked the dressing off the lettuce, but hey, he's only 19 months old!


Melissa said...

I love the dinner blog! But it's making me kind of hungry. Oh yeah, and what I had for dinner last night was quite "Lee-worthy": a salad with chopped yellow and orange pepper, carrots, and some chicken breast. Not exciting, but it did feature fresh veggies, and you're the only ones I know who actually eat them too!!

PS. I made some fab leek/veggie broth soup - do you accept guest submissions? Because I volunteer myself!

Leoal said...

Fo Sho, Mo Fo! Submit whatever you like!