Tuesday, May 27, 2008

While we are on the subject of Lemons...

I made lemonade for Ian's birthday party. It is super good. I wanted to share. I know I am not big on the amounts for stuff so I have to apologize for that, but I really think all .06518 people who read this per month should try it out.

Step One: Go to the store and buy some lemons. You need at least 6.
Step Two: Wash your lemons with soap. They come from a foreign country and who knows what has been sprayed on it.
Step Three: Grate the rind of one or two of the lemons into a jug. Or use a lemon zester. Whatever.
Step Four: Juice those lemons! I have a really cheap plastic citrus juicer that I love, but you can use your fancy electric model, or just a fork works good. Try not to get any seeds in. But that is nigh impossible.
Step Five: Add about half the amount of sugar as you have in lemon juice. You usually need more, but it is easier to add more sugar than to take some out.
Here is the part where I begin Taste Testing for Quality Control:
Step Six: Add water. Start with about twice as much water as you have in lemon juice/sugar. Then stir it up good and have a small taste. Too tart? Add more sugar. Too strong? Add more water. Keep going until you have it slightly stronger than you want, and then chuck in some ice cubes. If you want to be all decorative, you can garnish with some thin slices of lemon.
Step Seven: Drink the delicious nectar of the Gods. (Vodka optional)

(There was no vodka in Ian's lemonade.)
(Nor mine. Alas)

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