Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Broccoli Surprise

I needed to make something super fast last night and I needed it to have veggies in it. So I steamed some broccoli in veggie broth (go Campbells), and meanwhile chopped a small onion and sauted it in butter. Then I poured the broth/broccoli into the onion pan. Then I took the pot from the broccoli and put a glob of butter in and melted it, then threw in a couple handfuls of flour, and mixed that up for a bit until it was all dissolved, and added some milk (about a cup). Then I poured the onion/broth/broccoli into the milk/flour/butter pot and cooked it a bit more until the broccoli was good and soft, and then whipped it up with my handy dandy hand blender, added a bit of salt and pepper, and some grated cheddar cheese. And voila! A rich, filling, relatively healthy cream of broccoli soup created in under 20 minutes.

Is there anything I can't do??

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