Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bish World Cuisine

Bish World Cuisine

We went for a fancy pants dinner last night and before you ask, yes, we were both wearing our fancy pants. It was really classy in there. It is right on the waterfront with a view of the harbour. We did not get a seat by the window. We had a seat by a column. It was very nice in there nonetheless, with real roses on the table. In one wall sconce was a few sprigs of cotton, which was very unique. The staff was really nice, and the waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable.

We decided to forgo the wine. We both really like wine but gift certificate or no, I can't bring myself to pay $40+ for a bottle or $9+ for a glass of wine so we just had water to drink. The bread was amazing. I am not sure what the first piece had in it but I suspect it was Chipolte peppers and poppy seeds. There was also an Italian loaf with poppy seeds on top and the single most delicious piece of corn bread I have ever had. It was moist and crumbly, very muffin-like in texture, and with a faint hint of sweetness. It made me want to make corn bread all week until I can get it to come out like that.

We started our meal with High Spiced Pulled Pork and Manchego Roast Pepper Quesadilla, Habanero Spiked Guacamole...10.95 It was pretty spicy but good. The Guacamole wasn't that spicy (although I can't be sure, Trav hogged it all) but the pulled pork had a bit of a kick to it.

Trav's main course was: Grilled NY Striploin Cubano with Ropa Viejo Plantain Empanada, Chimichurri and Likkered Greens...32.95 He says the veggies were a little sweet, but very good, it had cherry tomatoes and some greens. The empanada was like a samosa actually, I had a bite of it. It didn't scream out "bananas", but I have never had plantains so I didn't know what to expect. The steak was good but not $32.95 good. We have made better steaks at home.

I had Roast Pheasant Breast "Oscar", Stuffed with Crab and Asparagus, Five Herb Aioli and Madiera Reduction...34.95. It was really good, although I believe I got a leg, not a breast. It was tender and tasty. The Madiera Reduction was awesome. I have been experimenting with wine reductions lately with moderate success. Now I know what it should taste like when I do it right. It definitely tasted like something I would make at home, just better. I guess that is what years of training and a Chef degree does. The Aioli was great too, it also tasted like something I would make, likely because I love using fresh herbs. It was all served with roasted baby potatoes and veggies. The veggies were great, baby carrots, broccoli, and brussells sprouts. I have not had a brussells sprout since I was about 8, and I remember I hated it, so I bit into the sprout with apprehension. However I really enjoyed these, as it was crisp and flavourful, and did not have the life cooked out of it. Like all veggies, it benefits from being steamed until hot but still crisp, not boiled until soft.

The only complaint I would make about my meal was that both the pheasant and the potatoes were crusted in salt to the point that if there was any potatoe or pheasant skin in the bite I had it was almost unbearably salty. I really appreciated my glass of water at that moment, let me tell you!

For dessert I had a cup of Desert Lime tea, which was good but tasted like it should be served iced with vodka. But good nonetheless. We had Bish Made Ice Creams and Sorbets...8.85 for dessert. We got a scoop each of rum raisin, pistachio, dark chocolate, and ginger ice cream. The rum raisin was fantastic, it actually tasted of rum. I didn't care for the pistachio much, but I don't like nuts in dessert at the best of times. The dark chocolate was extremely rich. It tasted like cocoa, not chocolate. Very dark. The ginger was the best. I have had ginger ice cream before, I wouldn't say this was better, but it definitely wasn't worse. The ginger was very subtle, you almost wouldn't notice it if you were not looking for it. It didn't leave so much of a heat in your mouth, rather than a warm aftertaste. Very good.

The whole bill came to $102, so we gave her the gift certificate and let her keep the tip. It was overall a very good meal, but not something I would do every day, and definitely not something I would pay for myself, as I could make very similar meals at home for a fraction of the price. We did, however, enjoy our meal. Thanks so much, Adrienne and Daryl!

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