Monday, June 23, 2008

Having someone else scrape off your hubby's tread marks... Priceless!

The Cheapest Luxury on Earth

THAT'S what you will say, too, once you try the swift service and dependable work of this up-to-the minute laundry. No luxury of life could be so great and cost so little. As a matter of fact you will really save money in the end. You will not only have more time to yourself, more happiness with your family, but you will look better.

Will You Let

Us Call This



Laundry and Dye Works


Barrington St * Sackville


Have a look here and scroll down to 1921.

I can't figure out what they mean by the address. Do they mean the corner of Barrington and Sackville? Or were there two locations? Either way, these addresses don't exist. Barrington Street starts at 950. Which I can't even find on Google Maps. And I can't really find any history on when the street addresses may have been changed. I know I could go downtown to the library or public archives and research all this but in all honesty, I have a three year old. We need to be realistic here. At some point I may make it down there but as of yet, it isn't quite babysitter worthy. So sorry folks, thats all I have on this one.

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